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Please visit the XSEDE User Portal training calendar ( for information about upcoming courses — this is continually updated with new opportunities as they are planned.  Additionally, please visit our online training page ( for asynchronous training that is available on-demand. 

Finally, the 2019 Petascale Institute videos are available at:


Please visit the PRACE Training Portal ( for information about upcoming courses (only online courses are listed until at least August 2020), as well as other HPC training resources. PRACE also offers several Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) that are available on the FutureLearn platform, see for more details.

HPC SciNet Consortium

The SciNet HPC Consortium, in collaboration with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), will be offering weekly virtual summer training on High Performance Computing from June through to August 2020.

Topics will include parallel programming, Linux shell, large scale batch processing, biomedical computations, and performance Python and R.

The schedule and the registration procedure will be announced in the very near future on

In addition, you may find recordings of many of SciNet’s past training events on the SciNet courses site:


In these difficult circumstances in Covid19, we are deeply sorry for losing most of the in-person events, especially hands-on school or HPC-related classes at school in 2020. To accommodate someone who will be hard to join future events, RIKEN CCS would like to offer HPC schools organized by three research organizations, RIKEN, University of Kobe, and Hyogo University. Please visit the URLs archiving several past events. Although these events are rescheduled and delayed the announcement, some of their calls are expected soon (in June or July) via the major Japanese HPC mailing lists.

  1. HPC Kobe summer school [for HPC beginners] (expected date: September 2020, language; Japanese) (

  2. R-CCS HPC summer school [advanced course] (expected date: September 2020, language: English)  (

  3. HPC Kobe spring school [for medium level] (expected date: March 2021, language: Japanese) (

  4. Other job/career-related events are helpful to you. Please take a look at